Stainless steel plate by magnetic to identify
A, stainless steel identification to identify
Stainless steel appraisal agent is used to detect steel x70 line pipe nickel content is which series of stainless steel. A variety of specifications used for rapid detection of 200 series, 300 series, 400 series stainless steel, etc. Stainless steel using the method of identifying the agent is very simple, direct drip in stainless steel plate, stainless steel appraisal agent in commonly 2 to 3 minutes can effect, different color corresponding to the different types of stainless steel material. 10 seconds of the red for 201 stainless steel (manganese levels); 50 seconds left and right turn red for authentic 201 stainless steel (manganese levels); 1 minutes turn red for 202 stainless steel (manganese levels); 301 stainless steel in 2-3 minutes will turn red, but the color is very shallow, need to look at; If color 3 minutes without any change, at the bottom of the slightly darker color, this is the authentic SUS304 stainless steel. General appraisal of stainless steel with contrast color card, identification results can be directly know type stainless steel plate, is very convenient.
Second, through the magnetic to identify 304 stainless steel
People in the stainless steel plate market awareness of 304 uns c68700 stainless steel there are pitfalls. Some people think that use stainless steel, magnets can is stainless iron absorption, absorption is not on the stainless steel, haven't magnetic stainless steel. On this view, however, I will make judgments, for everybody below how to distinguish by the magnetic properties of 304 stainless steel.
First of all, we know that 304 belongs to the austenite stainless steel body, however austenite is non-magnetic or weak magnetic size, so you would think that a good stainless steel is not magnetic. People lack of misses the point, however, is the 304 stainless steel in its chemical composition fluctuation caused by smelting process or processing status not magnetic may occur at the same time, but this does not think is fake or substandard products; Another 304 stainless steel after cold working, the organization structure to martensite transformation, the greater the degree of cold deformation, martensitic transformation, the more the greater the magnetic steel. On the contrary, a little quality time of 200 series stainless steel, is likely not magnetic, thus determine it is real stainless steel, would be a mistake. In particular, because of the causes of 304 stainless steel magnetic, and other material of stainless steel magnetic completely is not the same level, that is to say 304 magnetic always shows the weak magnetic steel. This tells us, if stainless steel is weak magnetic or completely without magnetic, should distinguish material for 304 or uns c70600 316; If the magnetic with carbon steel, show strong magnetic, 304 for judging is not material.
Three, use copper sulfate
To remove the oxide layer on the steel, put a drop of water, with copper sulfate, brush, brush after such as, general stainless steel; If change, amaranth, nonmagnetic for high manganese steel, general for the common magnetic steel or low alloy steel.