Along with the development of national economy, national Pietra Gray Marble income continuously improve, people's life quality requirements are constantly improve, especially in the area of the sitting room background wall, a lot of high-end places, villas are used as background marble wall to improve the whole decorate class. In recent years, european-style stone setting wall is becoming more and more popular in China, has become a fashion in today's advanced adornment, its concise and beautiful, atmospheric random characteristics are popular with many people.
Decorate a style to high-end European atmosphere grade of visual Grey Marble Slab effect, suit very much now like small endowment emotional appeal, the pursuit of quality of life of white-collar gens, european-style stone simple atmospheric background wall decorate in household is becoming more and more popular, the modern European background wall not only inherited the style of classical European noble, also fused elements of modern life.
European-style stone setting wall is to compare the characteristics of simple, not too much fancy decoration, combined with the whole environment is unified, whole is tonal quietly elegant, basically give priority to with white, grey, light yellow color.
The best is to use good stone decorate, with simple but do Carrara Marble Slab not lose the characteristics of the design, presents the most perfect effect, the beauty of the stone to the limit.
European-style stone setting wall is the main material is marble, depending on the type of marble, color and pattern is different, the price of marble are also different. At present mainly divided into monochrome marble, marble cloud gray marble Nero Marquina Marble Slab and decorated marble. Monochrome marble is mainly used as senior metope adornment and relief decoration, can also be used for a variety of mesa, such as pure white marble, Snow White, pure black black jade, Chinese black, etc.; So-called cloud grey marble, it is the base of color is gray, base on the natural cloud texture, another is called water with water ripple marble, natural cloud grey marble texture, elegant appearance, processing performance is good, is setting wall finishes used in decorating, most varieties, the price is relatively moderate; In general, decorated marble is thin layer structure, after polishing, will present a variety of colorful natural picture, very beautiful, after a professional design and grinding, can be made into a painted landscapes such as marble, marble is decorated marble varieties of high-quality goods, the price is relatively expensive.