Traditional projector screen projection to the curtain or white smart whiteboard price metope, under the condition of strong light watch will have a layer of white fog feeling, need to draw the curtains for you in the dark environment to achieve good viewing effect and experience, have higher request for the light brightness. Is particularly awkward, if will appear when people stand in front of the projector figure. Before didn't upgrade equipment company, standing on the stage projector shoot nearly wiped out the light of the blind, for a long time to watch also prone to fuzzy, poor visual experience. At present the mainstream projector resolution on market is generally low, can achieve 1080 p or less 4 k resolution.
Meeting tablet is directly displayed on the LCD screen, so the screen temperature scanning kiosks effect will directly affect the tablet according to experience, and at present the mainstream meeting old brand basic of ultra-high resolution has been adopted 4 k screen, the screen resolution is generally higher, have good sharpness, high contrast, wide color gamut, wide viewing Angle display such as characteristic, regardless of the screen in the middle area, and around the screen display is very clear, good visual experience.
Projector needs through VGA line or HDMI cable outdoor digital signage displays to connect with computer, the whole operation process is multifarious. Generally used VGA line, HDMI can transmit audio and video at the same time, the cost is relatively higher.
Meeting tablet with the method of wireless voting screen, without interference by all kinds of wire, general tablet, laptop, with the aid of wireless transmission screen device can quickly connection, which is code can be connected, save wiring connections and adjust the time of equipment, is to save time.
Traditional projector cannot interact, need to match the smart interactive whiteboard whiteboard to blackboard writing, and blackboard writing space is relatively limited, also need to write back and forth and erased, the notation could not save, the content of the disadvantages is obvious
Meeting tablet with intelligent interaction design, can be directly through the finger or stylus notation, writing, zoom in, the eraser random switching functions, such as the FangZhi writing experience.