Assembly of the intelligent interactive whiteboard tool is mainly Interactive digital signage used to screw box feet hammer and wrench. When all the tools and raw materials in order to put on the workbench, the order of assembly operation began. Second, shell according to the process CARDS to be put on the workbench, such as assembly fixtures, according to the request of tooling, pay attention to the direction of the shell to the right. And then remove the LCD screen protective film, clean with air-laid paper electrodes, confirm direction, according to the instruction from the process card, right into the electrode shell. Take out your circuit board. If you want to add a backlight, first fixed backlighting on the PCB. Aligned according to the process card, circuit board and frame, shell in the shell, the compaction, shell and circuit board with special assembly tools. The careful stent twisted into a 45 degree Angle, don't bite the circuit boards and to cut off the line, make the stents contact with parallel to the PCB. Will be finished assembled, taking it from the workbench, affix protective film, placed on the table. Pay attention to the screen as opposed to a screen, plate and plate relative, lest cause scratch, product assembly is completed by the inspection personnel inspection, unqualified to assembly.
Intelligent interactive whiteboard on printed circuit boards assembly digital signage kiosk is designed to make the corresponding electrode screen one by one, in order to match the intelligent electrical performance of the interactive whiteboard. But due to the screen do not contact directly with circuit boards, and conductive adhesive tape, for medium, the screen and circuit board can't direct communication, lead to the corresponding electrode can't communicate, cause dislocation. In the process of assembly electrodes called counterpoint between the screen and circuit board. In the process of assembly, screen and circuit board can be realized through the screen and circuit boards, screens and circuit board can be realized through the screen and circuit board. Shells as intermediate medium, as the corresponding standard screen and shells, is very important on the counterpoint. Counterpoint mainly including edge counterpoint, pinhole counterpoint and intermediate counterpoint.
Intelligent interactive whiteboard is very simple, can according digital signage screen to the intensity of electric current touch, so intelligent interactive whiteboard touch sensitivity is caused by the current smartphone market, such as the iphone and samsung mobile phones, they are all capacitance. In mobile phone can only touch, intelligent interactive whiteboard is usually used for small mobile phone can only touch. Is not to say that they can't do big, even if done, the cost is high, not suitable for consumers to choose, there is no cost effective! Figure 4. Interactive whiteboard resistive intelligence has not sold on the market, in the early days of smartphones, many imitations are based on the principle of intelligent interactive whiteboard resistive - pressure touch screen digital signage will produce distortion, it is between two intelligent interactive whiteboard touch response! So in the past, the resistance type intelligent interactive whiteboard mobile phones must use force to press to boot! Currently resistance intelligent interactive whiteboard with 32 inches below, live shorter lives.