Touch screen notebook advantages
A, more simple and convenient operation
With a touch screen laptop from operation is undoubtedly better interactive panels for education than a traditional laptop, users can simply click on the computer screen is complete opening and closing of the program, and also only fingers gently slip when browsing the web.
Second, can replace the mouse and keyboard
Touch screen notebook in use at ordinary times, can completely don't interactive touch screens education need a mouse and keyboard, users can complete the simple operation through the fingers.
Third, entertaining
A touch screen laptop entertainment experience function is very digital interactive whiteboard rich, can to cell phone use touch screen function to play some games, greatly increases the entertainment performance.
Touch screen notebook shortcomings
A, the price is high
Touch-screen laptop prices are usually interactive panel board higher than the price of ordinary notebook, consumption the main is to look at the performance and configuration, buy a laptop for the same configuration under the high prices are less interested in touch screen notebook.
Second, the touch screen notebook interface degree is low
We are using a touch screen laptop is always there are some things hard digital touch screen board to click, such as the closing of the browser interface, some large fingers? Click is not convenient, use the mouse to click more.
Third, health problems
Touch screen notebook computer use, will make you reduce the distance with notebook power, increase the burden of your eyes, and the need to lift his arm in the operation, can cause burden to the shoulders and arms.