In the living environment of today, there are more and cherry blossom wedding centerpiece more simulation tree house came in. When we walk in the park or commercial plaza, often see some of the large banyan tree closely combining with the current theme. Start we might think this is a real big banyan tree, but when we are closer observation found that the big banyan tree stem is false, but the appearance of the tree stem form and the real is the same as the big banyan tree, even the appearance shape of leaves and true banyan leaves the same, then we may be surprised that why the appearance of the fake banyan tree form and true banyan as like as two peas.
In the simulation tree view of all, the simulation banyan tree is early production of the product. Simulation of the banyan tree form characteristic is flourishing, large trees and natural color. The simulation process of Chinese banyan with FRP type, cement type and so on a variety of ways, from the current market is the main type of cement production process on sales. Banyan tree type cement production simulation makes it easy to form distinct, art and the diversity of and its mainly by handmade craft, in a series of welding process on the form, shaping the roots and leaves collocation and so on. Banyan tree detail mainly focus on the simulation, tree limbs and the cohesion between parasitic root, reflect and perspective effect; Color, colour collocation is mainly simulation imitation of the original forest tree mottled and vicissitudes of life as a foil for banyan tree simulation environment.
Simulation simulation banyan tree banyan tree is divided large artificial blossom trees into outdoor and indoor simulation banyan, applicable environment outside commercial square, theme park, etc., products are mainly used large banyan tree, the local landscape of theme park, etc. Used in indoor environment with restaurants, galleries, cafes and other leisure places, products are mainly used small simulation simulation banyan tree banyan tree, modelling and so on. Simulation banyan tree at the time of fake blossom tree installation must consider whether the installed position and environment closely with each other, and achieve a harmonious scenery.
The simulation tree relatively compared with other types Faux cherry blossom tree of decoration, simulation tree in landscape plays a role can not be ignored. The simulation tree is not independent of adornment, it should provide people with an open mind, the spirit of interaction. In landscape design, the simulation tree not only good play to the characteristics of the environment where, also need to increase the content of the landscape, increase the diversity of visual, but also let the simulation tree itself mutual combination and mutual coordination with the environment. The simulation tree through its own artistic image, environmental foil, resonate in the heart, delicious.