Along with the development of the technology in recent years, outdoor ficus tree the simulation of the cherry trees, broke the monotony of the situation, it can be not affected by time. Seasonal and regional influence, all the year round can see it, because it don't have to wait, don't have to run to far away places to see the cherry blossoms, put the cherry trees in indoor can appreciate all the time.
The reason so many people like cherry blossoms because it can always give a person a kind of beautiful beautiful, beautiful and romantic feeling, see it eyes bright, relaxed and happy. In concrete cities, trees drab green uniform, days have four flower bloom time, busy work is hard to see the beautiful cherry blossoms.
Today in the city, is a glass, commercial development silk ficus tree seems to have been in the former, the concept of green environmental protection has been continuously thorough popular feeling, in this age a love beautiful environment green landscape decoration, indoor simulation here as one of the most popular simulation plants is already a common global.
Simulation cherry trees fine workmanship has realistic-looking effect, at the same time, the design feels dye-in-the-wood simulation sakura products can add more beauty to the home, major is put in the office, sitting room, bedroom and bathroom where the flower decoration.
Indoor simulation cherry trees leaves are feel leaves, a plastic silk olive tree material, convenient washing, fruit into a foam material, the surface of the plastic. Has not fade, easy to clean, easy to do, flame retardant and fireproof characteristics, service life is also very long, indoor simulation cherry trees basic do not have a deadline, put in decades. Of course outdoor put the cherry trees within eight years generally will not affect its beautiful and view and admire a gender.
In the simulation tree view of all, the simulation banyan tree artificial cherry blossom trees for weddings is early production of the product. Simulation of the banyan tree form characteristic is flourishing, large trees and natural color. The simulation process of Chinese banyan with FRP type, cement type and so on a variety of ways, from the current market is the main type of cement production process on sales. Banyan tree type cement production simulation makes it easy to form distinct, art and the diversity of and its mainly by handmade craft, in a series of welding process on the form, shaping the roots and leaves collocation and so on. Banyan tree detail mainly focus on the simulation, tree limbs and the cohesion between parasitic root, reflect and perspective effect; Color, colour collocation is mainly simulation imitation of the original forest tree mottled and vicissitudes of life as a foil for banyan tree simulation environment.