Simulation tree stems from the nature, the person's experience, artificial banyan trees carefully crafted, and higher than the natural, is to beautify the natural environment, pleasures, enhance the function of forest landscape theme garden. The simulation tree is a concentration of landscape painting, make the person in the hustle and bustle of the city, feel the beauty of nature and peace. In general, the simulation tree has a unique role in the landscape, play a supporting role and beautification of the natural environment the role of the foil, affecting the landscape of the whole aesthetic feeling. In the simulation tree on select material fake ficus tree is also a notable thing, must obey the scenic spot on the style of the main style, to the scenic area have the effect of foil graces, better improve grade of the scenic spot. This requires gardening, make full use of space to create near mountain forest artistic conception.
Along with the people environmental protection consciousness gradually shift to a growing environmental awareness, green environmental protection simulation plants quietly into the line of sight of consumers, walked into the people's life. But simulation plants have become so popular, don't just because environmental protection?
Now, with the accelerating pace of social development, although like the green plant, but had no time to take care of people really green plant, then the simulation plant landscape decoration, it is critical for people. More important is to don't faux ficus tree have to worry about whether it can survive and fall, save a lot of time and manpower.
Artificial plants let your indoor or outdoor landscape also like first beauty, all the year round is not affected by natural factors such as climate, water resources, geographical location. The simulation plant landscape decoration, who don't like it, who will not popular?
Change along with the market demands, the simulation of plant products are changed, the innovation, the simulation of plant simulation tree, is formulated according to the market change lever effect, tree simulation plants can be different according to large ficus tree different occasions tree trunk effect as well as the whole simulation model.
Simulation of plant through continuous development and innovation, also after many experiments, the improvement of presents many colorful plant simulation. Simulation of plant diversity, but also has its own unique advantages and attractive appearance modelling, get consumer recognition and favor, was warmly welcomed by the market.