Daily production, glasses, jewelry can use ultrasonic cleaning, speed, no damage, large hotels, restaurants, use it to clean tableware, cleaning effect is good, not only have to kill the virus.
Ultrasonic cleaning technology after many pharmaceutical sonicator homogenizer enterprise applications and is widely used, especially for schering bottles, oral liquid bottles, bottle, large infusion bottle cleaning as well as to the butyl rubber, natural rubber stopper cleaning, has to get approval. For cleaning bottles of class, is to use ultrasonic cleaning technology to replace the original brush machine, it through a water injection, ultrasonic cleaning, washing, inside and outside air blow dry, flip and other process.
Metal bar after extruding wire, wire external often have a layer of oil film and carbide, clean with acid or other cleaning method, it is hard to contaminant removal (especially the whole dish silk), ultrasonic washing machine is designed according to the actual production needs a continuous wire walking, efficient cleaning equipment, coarse washing part by cleaning trough, transducer, circulating pump, filter, and form a complete set of ultrasonic molten metal piping system, wire after ultrasonic thick sperm washing washing, after dry, so as to complete the whole cleaning process. The whole equipment integrated control, simple, convenient, effect is good, widely used in tantalum, tungsten, molybdenum wire, niobium wire, copper wire varnish coating (former) and other metal wire.
The use of ultrasonic emulsification machine power socket (220 v) with three core (phase line, zero line and ground). Cleaning tank cleaning solution or water must be added. Cleaning solution or water level shall not be less than two-thirds of the cleaning tank height (best position along the mouth should be on the top level). When cleaning, please according to ultrasonic spray nozzle different cleaning requirements, add detergent, strengthen the cleaning efficiency, all detergent must accord with the requirement of anti-corrosion cleaning machine inside groove, the body. Will be cleaned inside metal frame, according to the cleaning fouling degree, set cleaning time, generally 3 to 5 minutes, the stubborn dirt, can be appropriately extended cleaning time. (it is strictly prohibited to be used cleaning content directly on the tank bottom).
Insert the plug of the power of the ultrasonic ultrasonic welding transducer emulsification machine 220 v three core power socket, open the power switch set ultrasonic work time, press the "start/stop" button to start work, the liquid surface rendering spider swings, and accompanied by vibrating ring, said cleaning machine has entered the working condition.
Heavy objects should be linked with hanging in cleaning fluid.