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Dr. Kiranmayi Atla

Get a defined body shape with tummy tuck body contouring surgery in Faridabad performed at Beauty And The Cut Clinic. Tummy tuck surgery can help people achieve a flat and toned belly by removing the surplus abdominal skin and excess fat. It is also done to tighten the weakened stomach muscles. Mostly, this surgery is preferred by women after childbirth, people who had sudden significant weight loss, and senior individuals who want to tighten their loose belly skin. The procedure offers many medical benefits such as reduction in stress urinary incontinence, correction of ventral hernia, easier weight loss management and maintenance, lower chances of having ‘sway back’ or lordosis, and relief from some form of back pains. It also allows people to choose and wear clothes of their choice and have a boost in their confidence. To know more about Tummy Tuck Cost in Faridabad, schedule a consultation with the best plastic surgeon at Beauty And The Cut Clinic.