In the digital era it is incomprehensible to roll out a web site or app without measurement. If all you know is what is sold, and not what happened inside the site, then it is impossible to understand and optimize the funnel.

Physical environments, like stores, are similar. If you do not know what happened inside the store — how many people entered, where they went, if they interacted with merchandise, etc. — it is impossible to optimize the funnel.

There is too much opportunity to improve customer experience and operational efficiencies of physical environments to conceive that measurement of physical environments will not catch up with that of digital ones.

Digital Mortar offers a people tracking technology that delivers the capabilities of a digital measurement solution for the physical world. It offers historical and real time tracking for every journey within a physical environment from the moment someone walks in, to the time they leave. Testing and optimization of flow, displays, layouts, staffing models, promotions, merchandising and more is unlocked with full journey measurement of physical spaces. View heatmaps, section performance KPIs, pathing, funnels, real-time views and even DVR style playback (at speeds of 1x to 120x) for any previous day/timein the most powerful and flexible physical space measurement solution on the planet. For more information or a demo of in store tracking reach out to Digital Mortar.

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