Laminating, also known as plastic and laminating, is a post-press process of digital printing. The laminating process is relatively simple, that is, the transparent film is attached to the surface of the printed product through hot pressing and adhesive, which can prolong the life of the printed product and increase the gloss.

Although this laminating process looks simple, in fact the subtleties are hidden. A carelessness will lead to unsatisfactory laminating effects and waste the cost of starting up, laminating materials and printing products.

Film blistering

Blistering of the film is a minefield that novices often step on. There are two reasons for this situation:

(1) Silicone oil is difficult to penetrate

The printing ink layer contains silicone oil, which makes the adhesive very penetrate the ink layer, and the film will foam if it is rushed at this time.

(2) The temperature is too high

Because the hot pressing temperature is too high, the toner is melted during the film coating process, and it is easy to cause the film to expand and bubble.

For the former, it is recommended that the printed product be left for a period of time before laminating; for the latter, it is recommended to adjust the temperature of the laminator. If the temperature cannot be easily adjusted, then it is recommended to choose a thicker and stronger polyester film.

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