Pumpkin Kids feels delighted to welcome pupils from the rich and diverse local community to prosper in a happy environment. The development of the child depends on the collaborative effort of parents and teachers. Therefore, the staffs and teachers of our Early Childhood Development school focus on creating a successful partnership with the parents. We can proudly say that our school values every kid individually.

A baby that feels pleasure whilst doing a positive challenge will perform that venture extra regularly and emerge as higher at it. Any advances or accomplishments that come from their efforts will cross a long way in increasing their self-esteem.

When a child is enthusiastic about something, they will want to study it and will experience a extra information of the problem count.
We work hard to stimulate their knowledge and skills by providing a challenging curriculum. Please have a look around through our website to know more about our mission and philosophies. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our school office. Our team will be gladly answering all of your queries.

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