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On February 28th, this month, the Slayer skill will receive one of the biggest updates after The Nodon Front released last July. This update is in the form of new Slayer monsters that aim to make the skill more exciting which is the top money maker for a lot of RuneScape players. We already knew that this update would add three new Abyssal Slayer creatures to RuneScape however, the Jagex's developer Jagex has provided us with more details on the key features of their drop tables.

The greatest product comes from Abyssal Lords that require an 115 Slayer to kill. These giant demons drop a new tier 92 melee weapon called The Abyssal Scourge. This serves as an update of the legendary Abyssal Whip that was first introduced to the original MMORPG around 17 years ago. The successful attacks that are dealt with by the Scourge trigger an Abyssal Parasite effect, extending the duration of all melee bleed abilities.

There are many other Lords with interesting and unusual drops too. There's a drop for the Abyssal Beasts (105 Slayer) will release the Jaws of the Abyss Helmet, a tier 85 melee Helmet of power cheap runescape 3 gold. Similar to the other Abyssal Slayer creature's drop, this empowers the various bleed abilities found in RuneScape.