What Should You Focus for Losing No Points at a Car Show?
As a car show attendee, you take every possible step to earn more points and be a winner.
You can do it well if you have participated in car shows earlier. However, doing it becomes a
little tricky for you when you are going to attend a car show for the first time. Going through
a few car show display ideas won’t work well if you ignore these five places of your car.
Here the places of your car you should focus on for earning more points and being a winner:

Door jambs
The door jambs of your car must be shiny and clean just like the other parts. You can take a
microfiber and spray some detailer on it. After that, use the microfiber to wipe down the door
jambs. Use a little tar or wax remover if you notice some tough spots around your car door


Wheels mean do not only tires. They mean also the rims carrying the tires. You should take
off the tires of your car and clean the inside and outside of both rims and tires. With this
cleaning, you will get rid of the brake dust that collected there over the time.

Engine bay

In washing your car, most of you forget cleaning your car engine. It’s not good. You must do
it before you take your car for a car show. Cleaning your car engine is crucial for you, as a
judge at a car show looks everything in your car before announcing a car as a winner of the
show. You should clean it well and remove excess oil or grease making your car engine look

Wheel wells

Usually, cars have mud, dirt, and tar around the area of their wheels. A judge looking at your
car can easily notice the dirt/mud on your car wheel wells. So, you should never overlook
wheel wells while cleaning your car for a car show.

Frame and underbody

Your car might be shiny and clean on the outside. However, its underbody might not be clean
and shine as its outside. For better presentation at a car show, your car’s underbody must be
free from grease, dirt, oil. Otherwise, you can lose points at the car show.


You can earn points in a car show if your car is clean and shiny from all sides. For better
presentation, you can focus on cleaning wheels & rims, wheel wells, door jambs, engine,
frame, and underbody.