If you are under stress because of deteriorating condition of your hair, cod liver oil might just be the answer to your problems. Coming in liquid form, cod liver oil can be consumed orally. Cod liver oil gummies are also available as a popular supplement. A lot of people are familiar with its potential benefits. But you may not have seen these benefits from the perspective of hair. In this article, we have described a few important benefits that everyone should know.

First things first: What is cod liver oil?

Cod liver oil is a natural source of Omega-3. It’s extracted from the liver of the codfish that is majorly found in oceans and other water bodies around the world. Many people find this supplement useful for skin-related problems, inflammation, bone, and other conditions. Cod liver oil can also help with hair because it’s a great source of vitamin A, omega-3, proteins, and minerals that rejuvenate the hair. Down below, we have mentioned a few advantages of COD liver oil that are related to the hair:

1. Reduce hair follicle damage: Hair follicle damage is caused due to the inflammation in the follicles. If you get redness, dandruff, and other problems, cod liver oil can help.

2. Promotes circulation: Omega-3 has been found to increase circulation in the scalp by a lot of researchers. Balanced blood circulation is very good for scalp health.

3. Hair follicle stimulation: Cod liver oil also helps with thinned-out hair and hair loss. Studies have shown that Omega-3 acts as a stimulant in the growth of hair follicles.

4. Shiny hair: The vitamin A content in cod liver oil aids in the production of supplementary nutrients that help in maintaining the shine of the hair.

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