The binance clone software can be developed in two different ways.

1. Develop from scratch

2. Elect binance clone script

If you are a newbie to the crypto community but want to launch your binance clone software you can opt binance clone script to establish your feature-packed binance clone platform. If you want to build a complete solution according to your business needs then you can choose a scratch-based solution. It needs more technical power and financial backup. 

The following steps are mandatory in Binance clone software development

1. Analyze the market and know your competitor

2. Keep updated with the market trending features

3. Prepare document along with features list

4. Handshake with the software solution provider

5. Initiate the development phase

6. Front end & backend development

7. Integration of core functionalities

8. Testing and bug fixing

9. Deployment on the server

10. Round the clock support