Technological innovation and modernization, coupled with the changing lifestyle of people, are the major factors propelling the growth of robotics for various purposes. Increased adoption of smart home devices is augmenting the growth of cleaning robotics for domestic as well as industrial uses.

· Also, increasing labor costs and safety concerns have boosted the market growth. The various applications of cleaning robots range from floor cleaning, window cleaning to pool cleaning. The use of cleaning robots minimizes human efforts and saves time, costs, and electricity.

· However, the costs involved in deploying cleaning robots are a major factor restraining the market growth for a majority of the population. Cleaning robots are expected to replace the traditional vacuum cleaner as they replace human efforts with automation and save electricity. However, the costs involved compared to a vacuum cleaner are expected to hinder the adoption of cleaning robots.

· Also, people in emerging economies such as India and China still rely on labor or traditional vacuum cleaners for cleaning purposes.

· Due to the pandemic, autonomous cleaning and disinfection robots saw wide usage in hospitals. They can kill germs with UV light. AMRs with robotic arms are used to carry out simple diagnostics, such as taking a patient’s temperature, thereby reducing contact, while the medical staff determines whether a patient has a highly infectious disease.

Scope of the Report

Cleaning robots are autonomous devices capable of cleaning the floor, pool, windows, and lawns with little or no intervention from humans. Cleaning robots, such as robot vacuum cleaners, are used for both residential and industrial purposes. Industrial cleaning robots are typically mobile, application-specific robots that automate industrial cleaning processes. These robots automate routine, dangerous, or dirty work for the sake of safety and efficiency.

For this study, the market was analyzed by application (domestic and professional) and geography (North America, Europe, Middle-East and Africa, and Asia-Pacific). A detailed analysis of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the market studied is covered in the report.

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