If you drive a vehicle, you will surely need to park it sometimes. You must practice high caution while parking it though, as there are so many unsafe spaces around the city these days. Due to these spaces, a lot of people struggle to find the best parking spot for their vehicles. This, in turn, causes windshield damage. Wondering how? In this article, we have provided a few pointers that you should know about while parking a vehicle. In addition to that, we have followed it up with some tips on truck windshield replacement.

Here are some common parking mistakes that lead to windscreen damage:

  1. Heating/cooling effect: One of the biggest mistakes that people make while choosing a space is overlooking the temperature. Especially in extreme temperatures like cold winters, snow, or extreme summer. They even turn the AC or heater on to forcefully bring the temperature of the car back to normal. This causes windscreen cracks due to contraction and expansion.
  2. Parking under shade: Most people make the mistake of parking under a tree during the wrong season or the wrong weather. Windscreen damages are often noticed because of fruit falling off a tree or a heavy branch falling during the storm. So, not only do you have to keep a watch on the weather, but you also need to mind if the tree is having a fruit falling season or not.
  3. Wrong location: Many people tend to park their car in an easy place. They either want to avoid parking tickets, or they just don’t want to waste time getting an entry to the parking lot. As a result, they end up parking in the wrong spot. Thieves and robbers take advantage of this and try to enter the car by breaking its glass parts.

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