Accidents can occur at any place at any moment. Some can be lethal while in some a person gets minor injuries. However, if you have been involved in an accident, then you must come in contact with an insurance claim adjuster. An insurance claim adjuster is a person who represents the insurance company. He is the person who is there to adjust or settle your insurance claim. It’s not easy to deal with an adjuster. You need to know all the information you need so that you can handle the situation.

Preserve Evidence

The first step that you need to take is to preserve every bit of evidence. Your evidence consists of the photographs of the accident and your injuries. You should gather all the witnesses as they are the key factor in winning your case. You should have all the information of your witnesses. For example, you should have their mobile phone numbers and their home addresses.

If you want to capture your personal injury claims, you should not wait in gathering your evidence. This can be costly as most of the evidence could be lost after some time. Moreover, this can be turned against you by the adjuster as you would have no evidence to show them.

Insurance Adjuster is Your Rival

Insurance companies always try to be on the profitable side. They will try to fully minimize your personal injury claims. This is done by the insurance claim adjuster who might seem to be on your side. But be aware he is never on your side. The insurance adjuster will also deny your claim if given a chance. 

Most importantly your insurance adjusters will try to be friendly. The insurance adjuster will give you friendly tips. But it’s all a tactic and would be used against you. They would be nice and kind to you and would show that you deserve to get compensated. But, in the end, they would turn against you. 


An insurance adjuster is a trained person who has done this work all his life. One insurance adjuster gets at least 30 to 50 cases a month. This makes them really skillful and deal with cases easily. However, on the other hand, you are not an expert. You are just an injured person who wants to get his rightful claim. If you argue with an insurance adjuster you will definitely lose. Instead, you should use facts and figures to negotiate. The insurance adjuster expects you to accept the claim amount which is being offered. However, you should demand the amount which you think is right. You should never accept your fault even if it was your fault. 

Hire an injury claims specialist

If you are having problems in dealing with the insurance adjuster, you should consider hiring an injury claim specialist. An injury claims specialist is a person who would deal on your behalf and would work for your benefits. Your claim specialist would work diligently to manage your claims from beginning to the end. This could save a lot of time and stress. This will also ensure that now you can get compensated as much as you deserve.

Some other common tips

  • Avoid recording a statement.
  • Avoid talking to the adjuster if not necessary.
  • Do not sign any documents without reading.
  •  Don’t rush to settle your claim.
  • Should not give a loose statement, it can hunt you. It can be used against you and your claim could be cancelled.
  • Make sure that the settlement which is reached is written down so you have proof.

Just remember that the insurance company’s goal is to deny your claim.


Insurance companies will try to do everything in their power to deny your claim. You should do everything in your power to get your right. Insurance adjuster should not be trusted and should try to handle them through facts and figures.