On the 24th of July 2019, the Bombay High Court dismissed Rajesh Khairatilal Bajaj, Rajesh Alias Bobby Bajaj, and others' Public Interest Litigation (PIL) suit against Avinash Bhosale group and others. The Honourable Chief Justice of Bombay Court has come into the observation that some people misuse the PIL to extort money from other parties. The Honourable Court further said that those who supposedly support public causes must first have excellent moral character.


In 2015, Rajesh Bajaj, residents of Bhosale Nagar, and others filed the PIL against Avinash Bhosale Group's residential project called Castel Royale Towers.


In the year 2016, the Noble Court rejected the case as a lot of errors were found on the side of the petitioner. In the last hearing before the Noble Court, the petitioner went ahead to justify his errors by claiming that he suffered from a viral illness and had ongoing treatments. In reality, the circumstances record proved that the petitioner was bringing a criminal complaint to trial during the time of defaults. It was also discovered that the petitioner submitted a fake medical certificate. Another petitioner Rajesh Bajaj was also impersonating himself as a lawyer which the Noble Court has already found out. 


Mr. Amit Bhosale, the MD of the Avinash Bhosale Group, replied to the ruling by saying, "We've been slandered by self-proclaimed RTI activists on numerous occasions, but we put our whole faith and hope in the courts, and reality has now conquered. We are confident that such orders would significantly reduce the number of fraudulent litigation. The RTI Act, as well as other legislation such as the Public 

Interest Litigation Act, are regularly utilized for selfish purposes, and this must cease.