Most Common Types Of Mattresses Topper

A comfortable mattress is a key to good night sleep, and everyone knows that. However, choosing what is the best mattress topper is not as simple as a personal preference, it is all about your health. If you buy the ones that do not fit your demand, your back and spinal will get aches and pains and damage one day. This article will introduce and describe the top five common types of mattresses available in the marketplace to help you choose a high-quality mattress topper.

1. Innerspring

Innerspring is one of the most common types of mattresses currently. They are constructed of steel coils that bounce and compress when you put pressure on them. In general rules, the more coils they have, the higher quality they are. The shape and size of innersprings can vary, depending on your bed’s dimension.

This type of mattress is popular among households because it is affordable yet has a short warranty period. Another drawback is that when you experience springiness more and more, you will soon need to replace them, and they are not as sustainable as other types. Therefore, to save money and quality, trending is now moving toward other mattress types such as memory foam, latex, or pillowtop.


2. Memory foam

Foam mattress topper is now widely trusted and used by customers. However, not many people know that NASA invented this type of mattress in 1966 to protect aircraft cushions. And now, it is available in a variety of commercial applications, such as pillows, blankets.

What makes you satisfied when choosing memory foam is the sensation it creates. When you press weight into this, you will find that it takes on your body and slowly bounce back when you remove it. This type of mattress is ideal for side sleepers and back sleepers. Other benefits of memory foam include promoting spinal alignment, motion isolation, and works with adjustable beds.

3. Pillowtop

This type of mattress is called a Euro-top mattress, one of the Top Rated Mattress Toppers, and it has a layer of padding that can be up to several inches. A pillowtop can be constructed of one or more materials like cotton and latex, making the pillowtop more expensive than the others. However, if you are not afraid of budget, this kind of mattress brings many benefits for your sleep, such as durability, comfortability, and cooling.

4. Latex

If you are looking for a natural material but still a high-quality mattress topper, then a natural latex mattress can be a good option. Natural latex is a byproduct of a rubber tree, and it is opposed to a synthesized latex.

The latex materials are relatively similar to those of memory foam, so if you are still considering which type you should afford, it is totally personal preference. If you are a person who wants to sink deeply into a mattress, you can go with memory foam. Otherwise, if you like bouncy and retain less heat, a latex mattress could be a better option.


5. Gel

One of the major complaints about memory foam is that it traps heat, and this is due to the dense needed to support your body. Dense will limit the airflow, making the temperature rise, and the heat will trap in the mattress. This is a nightmare for the households when it comes to summer.

This is why gel is born, to offset the adverse effects of memory foam. It is naturally colder and infused into the mattress.

Above are most five common types of mattress toppers. There are no limits of options for you to choose the the best mattress topper for you. However, besides your preference, the most important things are still your sleep and health.


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