Horizontal Cartoner - The MK-CMA - Horizontal Sliding Bucket Autoload Cartoner features high-end servo controlled semi-automatic cartoning. An overhead squaring chain allows the MK-CMA to run cartons over 2" wide at high efficiency. The MK-CMA features standard Allen Bradley Controls and a Nordson ProBlue Adhesive System. Find out more at www.afasystemsinc.com.

Watch Video:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gB954ePg3O4

About Us:

AFA Systems Ltd. (AFA) is a secondary packaging machinery manufacturer whose focus is to provide customers with the best in engineered product handling and packaging solutions. Our team's extensive experience coupled with state of the art engineering tools and facilities assures our customers a proven partner for fulfilling their packaging automation requirements.

Our Product Line consists of cartoners, case packers, carton formers, palletizers and end of line engineered solutions.