Players must really understand how the different random maps fit together to have a chance to track Burial Grounds in Diablo 2: Resurrected. Burial Grounds is where players take on the first aptly named boss enemy, Blood Raven, which means it's a quest that can really help players find their footing in the game. Players can purchase rare D2R Items from MMOWTS to their advantage.

Since the maps in Diablo 2 are random, the layout will be different each game. Players first need to travel to Blood Moor from Rogue Encampment, then players need to clear the evil lair to reach Burial Grounds. Pass the character Flavi who fights the Fallen on the edge of the Blood Marsh and transition to the cold plains.

Following the path the player sees on the map, the player will eventually reach one of two places. The D2 Resurrected Ladder Items For Sale player needs to take the one fork that is not the stone grounds, which should help the player reach the Burial Grounds. Search the area in Burial Grounds and the player should find a tall metal Burial Grounds gate.

Inside the player will find an entrance to the Crypt Dungeon, Blood Raven should be in a nearby clearing. The trick to defeating Blood Raven is to pay special attention to her and not get caught up in the regular starvation monsters littering Burial Grounds. It is worth mentioning that MMOWTS D2R Ladder Items Is Running A Promotion.

Either deal with them as quickly and efficiently as possible, or move yourself where you can hit and really focus on Blood Raven. Otherwise she will use powerful ranged damage against the player when the player's attention is elsewhere. Along the way, MMOWTS will help players become stronger as any player can buy Diablo 2 Resurrected Items there to strengthen themselves quickly!