An electric skateboard, like a sports car, requires periodic extensive service or is replaced with oil over time. Constant care is necessary and it will enhance the quality and the value of an electric skateboard. It may be difficult for a rookie skater to clean all of the critical components on a skateboard, including the bearings, battery, motor, grip tape, and wheels. Many websites such as best electric skateboards have lots of articles about e boards you can reference!!. In this post, I will only focus on the fundamental cleaning process for esk8. 




Sweeping off the dust from the board will be the first stage in upkeep. For this technique, get an old brush and brush the e-skate from top to bottom. After cleaning, use a cotton towel or liquid oxygen to remove any remaining dust. The wheels are a crucial component to keep in good working order. Start by removing them on the board to keep it good in repair. Once again using a brush to get rid of the dirt you see on the wheels gently. 


ESC aka Electric Speed Controller is very delicate so be careful when servicing it. The deck is another important part you need to take care of on a regular basis. A moist cloth can be used when your board gets dust so you don’t need to use a toothbrush anymore. Also, don't apply too much pressure when cleaning with any instruments, since this might affect your best electric board parts


Your electric skateboard's battery is a costly component. So, during dusting, take excellent care of it. To begin, take the battery out of your electric skateboard. The battery should then be placed in a rice bag to absorb any moisture that has collected within it. To avoid condensation, try to keep the battery between 10 and 30 degrees Celsius. 

Gadgets for servicing 

Before maintaining the skateboard I will talk about which gadgets you will use during the process. These instruments make maintenance more efficient and effective. You can use engine oil, cotton cloth, wrench and sockets, screwdriver with a flat-head, … 


After riding, use some cleaning solvent to remove any dirt from the engine box, bearings, deck, and wheels. Each time you use your battery, make sure to fully charge it before recharging it. Make sure your battery is not left outdoors (or in a moist environment) for an extended period of time, and that it is free of humidity. 


I strongly advise you to keep the board looking its best at all times, since a board with major issues can be deadly. Similarly as with a hazardous charger, if you see any evidence of an effect or rusted parts, replace outdated batteries or features. It is unsafe for both bikers and walkers. For those who, after reading this post, are interested in buying an e-skate, you can search for the best e skateboard online to know more. For those who have expertise in electric, you can simply undertake regular care with your e-skate.