Besides the need for a profound understanding of SARS-CoV-2 biology and for the swift development of treatments, the COVID-19 outbreak focused significant efforts on the development of diagnostic methods to identify infected individuals. The Automated Systems from Berthold Technologies allow unattended automation of most microplate-based assays.

  • The operational and strategic needs of labs are continually changing, evolving, and expanding. The adoption of a new laboratory automation solution utilizes a workflow analysis and offers benefits to laboratories to a large extent. A workflow study will provide lab leaders with a transparent and data-driven picture of what the laboratory is doing right now.

  • This is where comes the role of automated plate readers which are plate readers for quantifying protein and other activities, via a specific light source connected through an optical filter, for analyzing the sample. Fluorescence detection is developed for detecting microplate. It is more expensive than absorbance detection. In the pattern for fluorescence detection, the sample undergoes illumination through two optical systems.

  • The need for flexibility and adaptability in a laboratory is driving more number of laboratories to look for solutions that will help in growing their panel selections in diagnostic systems, along with the ability to offer flexibility to third-party providers.

  •  The market is witnessing an increase in investments from government agencies and private organizations to finance the RD activities in small companies striving to advance their initial discoveries to commercial development. For instance, the Department of Health and Human Services’ Small Business Innovation Research and Small Business Technology Transfer programs provide financial assistance to small companies endeavoring to advance their primary discoveries to commercial development. However, the major challenge for automated plate readers is to interconnect various platforms across the lab. 

Scope of the Report

An automated plate reader is a device to detect chemical, biological, or physical reactions by hitting them with light and then measuring its characteristics since every element solid or liquid emits different characteristics when being hit by the light. The market study comprises of Product Type, Application and Geography.

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