Trading Algorithms are relatively new to the Forex Market and there are a few products on the market which now incorporate these Algo trading detection mathematics into their software. One of these is the New Forex Tracer. Released on to the market in June 2008 this new software comes with the following trading system set up.


A sophisticated strategy developed to analyze currency Automated Trading Algorithms markets, it combines break out systems with an indicator based system to confirm the market and is analyzed and set up the way it should be. A risk management tool, that calculates the amount of lots related to the risk associated with each trade and shields against excessive losses and margin calls.


A market engine strategy where an automatic engine enters the market as safely as possible, which through its algorithms protects the trade from unpredictable behavior and/or the brokers false doings. A set of money management tools that exit each trade as safely as possible to make the most of multiple trades.


Forex Tracer also trades their system live so traders who use the algorithm trading software can publish their live trades online. The Forex Tracer also runs a Blog where traders offer there day to day trading stats from up to 11 currency pairs available within this Algo trading software.


The Foreign Exchange Market is a relatively new trading platform and as this unpredictable market continues to be sourced and scalped with difficulty, only a few Trading Algorithms Forex Algorithm Trading Products have been released on to the market.


For beginners wanting to get ahead in this market it is strongly advised you trade on a play account before you get involved for real.