Are you in need of a new hairdresser?

Have you recently moved to a new area, or has your hairdresser moved away? Then this article provides information about what to look for when choosing a new hair salon!

1. You should always inquire as to whether the salon offers a free initial consultation. This is important especially when visiting the salon for the first time. If you loved the service you received on your first visit then I am sure you will book to go back. Upon your second appointment a consultation with your hairdresser should again form part of your appointment. Your requirements and wants will always be listened to by a good stylist. Following the lines of the previous haircut does not count.

2. If you are having your hair coloured then choose a salon that has stylists who are highly trained in the art of colouring and tinting. A good salon will always advise that you undertake a colour 'patch' test before having your whole head of hair coloured.

3. There is a real difference between a salon that pushes products at you simply to increase their profits and the salon that recommends products that will be of benefit to your hair. Pushing just puts you off but a great recommendation means you will buy the product and also return to the hair salon.

4. As soon as you walk into the hairdressers you should be treated as if you are Hair salon the most important client they have ever had and made to feel comfortable and welcomed.

5. Hair Stylists tend to be 'for life'. Once you find a hair stylist you love then you won't leave them. That's why finding a salon where the staff turnover is minimal is important. Salons who treat their staff well will keep their staff and consequently keep their clients.

6. Trusting your hairdresser is paramount to looking and feeling good. If your hairdresser is great then she / he will know what will suit you. If you trust them then you can walk out of a salon feeling like a million dollars.

7. Hairdressers need to be able to pick up on a clients cues. Some clients really don't want to talk whilst others are happy to chat away! A hairdresser needs to be able to pick up on a clients wishes and respect them. You will realise straight away if they aren't taking your personal wishes into consideration.

8. The salon should house a fantastic selection of the latest gossip magazines so you can catch up with what is going on in the world of celebrity and totally switch off!

9. An amazing hair studio will never look down their nose at a client but will always enure that everyone is welcome.

10. A great hairdresser realises that you are coming in for more than just a hair cut. You are coming in to be looked after, to sit and be pampered, to get away from your own world for an hour and to be the centre of someone elses attention once every 6 - 12 weeks!