Transport system that places practically all companies within two hours of an airport or seaport. Transportation between Puerto Rico and the U.S. mainland is regarded domestic by the U.S. We've a world-class infrastructure claims Enrique Mirandes, director of life sciences at Puerto Rico Industrial Growth Company including an electronic switching telecommunications network, the seventh busiest pot slot in the american hemisphere, airports with increased than 4,300 cargo flights monthly, and a highway.

Program that hyperlinks people to airports or seaports within two hours. Gen Media Communication Infrastructure Puerto Rico includes a state-of-the-art telecommunications system, puerto rico travel quick access to the U.S. mainland and international markets via high-speed, third-generation technologies. The island is connected to the United Claims, Europe, South America and the Caribbean by high-capacity undersea fibre optic cords and an extensive satellite network. A self-healing fibre optic trap offers first-rate support across the island.

Cross country voice, data and video companies, as well as WATS lines, are given by several suppliers, and wireless PCS can be acquired from several local and national venders, using the latest electronic practices, including. Edward DuCoin is really a professional audio, competition vehicle driver and best offering author. In 1984, with less when compared to a $500 investment, Edward launched Influence Marketing and grew the tiny company right into a growing company which was later openly traded on NASDAQ and outlined as one of many "500 Quickest Growing.

Companies" for three successive years by INC. Magazine. He is the printed writer of the greatest retailer "The Glass is Half Whole and Frozen" in Might of 2006. Edward owns 'New Edventures Management Consultancy He is a professional output instructor and has been training his organization methods and ideas, that have been proven to increase output and obtain results, for over 15 years. The general provision in Puerto Rico concerning spending overtime in a non-FLSA included employer is one and half times regular.