Lightweight and soft, this transparent fabric consists of a plain weave in most cases and takes the type of an overlay or veil. Perfect for the warm-weather months of spring or summer, these components are the embodiment of the sophisticated, garden celebration.

Trumpet/Mermaid Sleeveless Sweep Train Dazzling/Allover/Ombre Sequined Prom Dress With Split

Brocade can be created from silk or synthetic fibers and it is distinguished by jacquard (raised designs) woven into the fabric. Full of great body, the fabric is stiff but lighter than satin, an ideal choice for an organized gown in fall or winter but overweight for the warmer seasons. The elegant material is best suited for formal occasions.

Charmeuse short wedding dresses 
Rich and delicate just like its name indicate this luxurious fabric is seen as a glossy sheen on the exterior and a matte finish inside. Typically made from silk (though synthetic alternatives are available), its soft drape causes it to be popular for flowing styles usually cut around the bias. "Soft, sinuous, slinky fabrics often better lend themselves to narrow or slim dresses with looser fits," says Ingram. The ultra-lightweight fabric would work year-round, although it tends to be a sexy spring or summer staple. Be mindful of the fact that these components tend to cling and may be difficult to change.