Florence is a historic city that is situated in the region of Tuscany in Italy. This city is known for its cultural and artistic heritage and is also associated with Italian Renaissance. The city used to be an important center of trade and commerce during the 14th and 15th century.

Some of the attractions of Florence are:

1.Galleria Degli Uffizi: This is one of the best museums in the world that is known for its art collections and other artefacts. The most famous amongst the art works that have been kept here is "The Birth of Venus" which was designed by Sandro Boticelli. There are a number of other fine paintings that belonged to the Renaissance era. You can also book your tickets online to this museum as it can get very busy on the weekends. The cost of admission to this museum is about EUR 11.

2.Bargello: This is another popular museum that has a number of art works and other sculptures that were made during the time of Renaissance. Some of the works that belonged to Michelangelo, Donetello, Ammanati and Bandinelli have been kept here. The cost of admission to this museum is EUR 4.

3.Pitti Palace: This palace is situated on the southern banks of river Arno. Accademia gallery hours This palace initially belonged to Medici family who were regarded as the great admirers of art and culture in the country. There are Baboli gardens which are situated on the back side to this palace and provide a great opportunity to see and explore the southern part of the city.

4.Accademia Gallery: This art gallery is known for the works of Michelangelo. There are many works of Michelangelo such as David and The Unfinished Slaves have been kept here. There are many replicas of the characters and other figures which can be purchased from the souvenir shops that are located in the complex of the museum.

5.Museo dell'Opera del duomo: This is a cathedral museum that is situated in the heart of city. This museum is surrounded by a number of religious buildings that were made by renowned artists during the Renaissance era.

6.Institute of Museum of the history of Science: This museum takes us back to the time of renaissance where many scientific innovations and inventions were made. This museum showcases the invention and the use of the various kinds of instruments and other equipments that are commonly used in the industry today. There is a room of Galileo where all his original instruments have been kept. Another room that is worth visiting is the room of Spheres and Globes that has an excellent cartographic collection.