Besides this wonderful real love doll, there is also an exquisite love real doll at the venue. A simple expression with a little astringency. I will never forget the lingering lips and smiling eyebrows. With a 160cm key and a charming body that is hard to see in the world, she boasts a graceful and elegant appearance. What is Real Dutch Wife?
1. First, the inside does not swell and is stiff.
2. The material is all medical grade silicone, and the texture is similar to that of a real person. The delicate skin color is not much different from that of a real person.
3.Aiwawa is also dustproof and easy to clean.
4. Love stone joints are made of polymer synthetic resin material, with mechanical bracket inside, you can change all the necessary sex postures, to have more comfortable sex in the process of sex I can. .. Love stones can be carried and played as needed and treated by sexy, charming, beautiful and thoughtful little lovers. 5. The current love stone can heat the quality and chest to a temperature similar to the actual human body temperature of 37 ° C with automatic heating design to get closer to the real human feeling.
6. is a pronunciation chip that allows you to feel 100% of the user's body language by attaching a vibration sensor to the lower abdomen with this so that you can get closer to the feeling of the actual person. Is installed. Frequency and amplitude transmit the sound of passion.

158cm Asian Secretary Real Vagina Life Size Silicone Sex Doll

Real Doll and how to use it

The use of Aiwawa is divided into three stages, in use and after use, before it is used significantly. See below for more information.

Aiwawa disinfection is required before using Aiwawa.
When using Aiwawa Lubricant should be used to maintain adequate lubrication in Aiwawa's vagina. If no lubricant is used, the inside of Aiwawa will not be sufficiently lubricated and the quality of Aiwa may explode. It is okay if the condom is sufficiently lubricated.
After using RealDoll, you need to clean the vagina of sex doll with clean water and disinfect it. See the first step for disinfection methods. Sex After decoding the sex doll, wash it with lukewarm water, then dry the inside and surface of the love sex doll with a towel or let it air dry and store it for the next use.