A PhD dissertation is a kind of story by the author about his discovery, with a detailed description of each step. But when performing such a colossal work, it is important not just to “tell everything about everything”, but to do it strictly within the outlined https://www.paytowritepaper.com/ boundaries: topic, problem, experiment, result. Moreover, the presentation of the results obtained and the summing up of the conclusions will also be limited in volume, otherwise the whole epic will turn out of the scientific work.


Therefore, the optimal scope of research is an individualized indicator that does not have specific outlines and parameters. Moreover, the points of view of the author, the scientific consultant and the attestation commission may differ. In this case, it is important to find a compromise.


Thus, the total volume of a Ph.D. thesis has no clear boundaries and, on average, varies from 100-120 to 180-250 pages, depending on the nature of the topic, the evidence and information base, the level of the author’s training and his ability to correctly and reasonably express https://www.paytowritepaper.com/article-reviews/ thoughts within the framework of the intended plan and scientific apparatus of research.


Be sure to consult with your supervisor or consultant regarding the structure, content and scope of your Ph.D. thesis and take into account his comments and recommendations.


We form and control the volume of the Ph.D. thesis: the main stages. In the simplest sense, the optimal volume is the arithmetic mean between the allowable minimum and maximum (that is, if the minimum is from 100-120, and the maximum is 180-250 pages, then the "golden mean" will be 140-180 pages). 


Approximate volume of each section of the Ph.D. thesis depends on the layout you want to enforce in your text. The main part of the https://www.paytowritepaper.com/college-essay/ Ph.D. thesis is divided into at least 3-5 chapters. Moreover, they will be proportionate among themselves, and their arrangement will be consistent and logical, gradually revealing the topic and emphasizing the presence of a real problem. On average, each section of the study has from 20-30 to 40 pages of formatted text, graphic materials, etc.


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