As the economy develops, the number of GPS and other positioning systems is increasing. GPS equipment is very useful for our navigation and rescue. On the other hand, this also puts us in trouble. With the help of GPS devices, bad guys can stop us easily. When we are with family, shopping and bringing children, especially when traveling on official business, GPS devices can easily tell us where to look for suspects. How do we protect ourselves? How do we protect our privacy? This is the GPS jammer we need. GPS jammer is a device that can turn off GPS signals and turn off all GPS devices in a designated area. Maintaining our privacy really helps us.

Entering high school is a major turning point in life. Young people cannot bear all the temptations and cannot do things that they will regret for a lifetime. As a place where professional test room jammers are used, schools use test room jammers to prevent college entrance examination fraud.

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The Shanghai Municipal State Administration of Taxation is an administrative agency vertically led by the State Administration of Taxation and is responsible for Shanghai’s national taxation work. The Shanghai Municipal Local Taxation Bureau is an organization directly responsible for local taxation by the municipal government and accepts the business guidelines of the State Administration of Taxation. The Shanghai Municipal Finance Bureau cooperates with the county and county people's governments to provide professional advice to the county and county finance bureaus. The Shanghai Municipal State Taxation Bureau and the Shanghai Municipal Local Taxation Bureau conduct vertical management of the city’s taxation system. The Shanghai Municipal Finance Bureau has 21 internal agencies and 260 administrative staff. In order to prevent the loss of important information, government departments are equipped with high power jammer to ensure the information security of government departments.

The Fifth Department of Oriental University was established in 1997. In October 1999, the Beijing Municipal Education Commission officially approved the rename of the Fifth Department of Oriental University to Beijing Institute of Science and Technology. Beijing Science and Technology Vocational School. In order to protect students from outside influences, the school focuses on learning. The school’s cell phone jammer have been installed in the school’s classroom area so that students can focus on learning and improve their knowledge and skills.