It is important to choose the right jewelry. Women often give jewelry shopping equal importance as clothes shopping. While the right clothes are important for creating an elegant look, they can only be used as a foundation. Indian bridal stores in edison nj

Bridal jewelry sets, which are the 16 adornments that Indian brides wear, are an integral part of their traditional Indian wedding. Bridal jewelry made in India is therefore dazzlingly gorgeous and extravagant looking. It is a symbol of the bride's special status, making her feel like royalty.

Common misconception is that Indian brides are best served by wearing traditional pieces, which can be piled on top. There are many options for Indian bridal jewellery, but styling the look is more than just choosing the best. There are many factors that go into choosing the right piece for the look. These include the cultural, religious, and regional identity of the bride, her choice of dress, and the overall color scheme, designs, and the theme of your wedding. The bride might also consider her comfort level with Indian bridal jewelry. Some may be more comfortable with an anklet, mang tikkas or kamarbandh while others prefer to stick to a necklace and earrings.

Kundan sets, from Gujarat and Rajasthan, are the most well-known and popular Indian bridal jewellery. They are intricately made and beautifully designed and look stunning draped around the neck and wrists of a bride. This necklace is essential for any north Indian bridal outfit. Kundan sets can be worn with any type of wedding outfit, but they are not always the best match. These sets will look great with traditional lehenga and cholis designs, such as the traditional red and gold Banarasi sarees. But, for modern bridal sarees like salwar kameez and chaniya, Indian bridal jewelry would be more appropriate. It could also be used with chaniya or chaniya-cholis in a more contemporary style.

Meenakari pieces with vibrant and beautiful designs are a great choice for brides looking to add color to their wedding outfit. Traditional bridal jewelry such as Thewa and Polki are also popular. They have the same glamour and beauty but don't feel too heavy or extravagant. South India's preferred accessories are made of heavy gold, without any gemstones and crafted into intricate designs. These accessories look stunning with the extravagant Kanchipuram sarees, and striking white and golden Kerala Kasavu Sarees.