Custom Bobbleheads are usually made to use as a marketing or promotional tool. Companies and even individuals approach a manufacturer with the goal of turning a personalized figurine idea into reality. They do this because they want a new but effective approach to introducing themselves or their business to the public.

The manufacturers have another market. Although this market is relatively smaller, it's very much alive and kicking. The businesses wanting to market themselves approach the manufacturer with an idea and they plan out the production for future sales and profit.

Sure, it may sound like a bad idea because these figurines are not really used that way. But you have to know that before the MLB used bobble head as a promotional tool back in 1960, they were just simple figurines.

Will they sell? That all depends on you. Sure, anyone would love one of these dolls. But if you want to profit, you must sell larger quantities. To do this, you have to create a demand for the product.

Think of several ideas and offer something in addition to the bobble head. There are many things that you can do. The easiest way is to create as much appeal as you can which depends mainly on the design. You can also add a little extra to the doll - make a list of things that you can attach to it. Just to give you some ideas, you can attach a pen holder, clock, mirror, calendar and a lot more. If you add one these additional features, you're creating a whole new market for your bobble head. Let's say you add a pen holder to it. People who are looking for pen holders will be your additional market. There's no contest between a figurine with a pen holder versus a normal and boring pen holder. We all know which one's going to win. The same thing applies for those looking for clocks, mirrors, calendars and the likes.

Companies can also be your customers. As you probably know, companies love giving giveaways with the subtle marketing to go along with it. These dolls are one of the best giveaways because they are not like the rest. They are not boring and you can think of ideas to personalize them to help the company out. A great strategy is to make them in accordance with the holidays. For example you can design them for Christmas with a Santa Claus outfit and why not put in a recorded Christmas message? Companies would buy them as giveaways and maybe even individuals looking for gifts.

Bobbleheads are NO LONGER exclusive to celebrities. Now you may order your Custom Bobblehead.