Armor Stands for Each Classes in World of Warcraft

In World of Warcraft, each rack will only show helm and shoulders, once you see that, you're done with that tier. There's nothing for filling them out other than having it, as far as I can tell. Certainly looks cool. Every class has these, Demon Hunters even have one lonely stand that will eventually host Night hold.To get more news about Safe WoW Gold, you can visit official website.

A quick workaround would be to go transmog in to the new items to remove the window. You may have to right click the item in the transmog window and select the proper tier piece as many recent tiers have identical non-tier counterparts. One final note before getting in to detail, for the tiers where you buy them: you have to wait out the two hour refund window in order for it to finalize and appear on the rack.

The trick to getting them filled out is filling out one specific item set for each tier. For things like Tier 1 and Tier 2, you need the entire set including bracers, and it must be the original items, not the later versions that drop from Onyxia.

Tier 3 will actually be AQ, as Naxx will be represented by the Wrath revamp. For classes that have multiple specs, you must fill out one specific spec. For example paladins have three item sets for some later tiers. You would need all pieces to one spec item set, rather than Prot/Ret/Holy.

You can check your appearance tab to see the name of the tier pieces you already have as they generally have one different word. For example, Legplates/Legguards/Leggings. Wow head will tell you what name is for which piece, unless you're like me and held on to non-vendorable tier because why not.

Obviously, classes that only have one set for all specs have it easiest. In the case of Sunwell tier, you have to get the PVE pieces from Sunwell, Mount Hyjal and Black Temple in order to finish that stand. Even though the pieces it shows will be the Black Temple armor, you still need the items from the full item set.

When it comes to 10/25/Normal/Heroic raids, the armor racks are based on the lowest level tierset, so you will need to run the 10 man normal version of these raids to fill out that armor rack. (Note: this is slightly different for DKs and Monks, will be explained below in their sections!)