Transcription is a particular term used to describe the process of turning recorded speeches into a properly written format. Transcribing basically means the conversion to written, typewritten or printed format. In simple terms, it is the process of having anything written that is copied specifically between one and another in the form of a complete interview transcription services 

Based on the industry, company or the organization that is being transscribed, a variety of transcription services are needed these in the present.

The following are various types of services for transcription:

medical transcription
Medical transcription is commonly referred to by the name of MT and is commonly used by the medical and health care industry. It is an integral part of the health professions. MT involves the process of changing the voice recordings of reports dictated by doctors or medical professionals into a variety of text formats.

Legal Transcribing
It's used to create official transcripts of depositions, court hearings and other legal processes. A legal firm, steno type, court reporter as well as steno-mask writers and voice needed legal transcription services to transcribing recorded, spoken speeches into written forms.

Financial transcription:
Financial industry firms required financial transcription services. In order to prepare financial documents, such as events including analyses and financial summaries corporate reports, meetings and business surveys, the use of financial transcription.

Transcription of media
The name itself implies that it's utilized in media, entertainment and entertainment industries. It is an audio transcription part of a show as it happens, and includes speechless components. Displaying text on a video or television screen in order to provide further or relevant information to viewers who want to read it.

Audio transcription:
It's a method that converts audio files, speeches into text that is readable. To convert various audio digital files, such as wav MP3, mp4 magnetic cassettes and magnetic tapes and translating audio recordings into a word-form audio transcription services are used.

Transcript of video:
To transcribe VHS, DVD,.avi,.wmv files into desirable format video transcription needed. for various kinds of media, including visual such as but not only TV series reality TV music videos, motion pictures commercials, documentaries, corporate training videos, and educational material, video transcription is employed.

Transcribing for business:
It includes but not just the transcription of meetings, seminars conference calls, teleconferences, focus groups, press conferences annual shareholder and general board meetings as well as other meetings. in a specific format.

Transcript of interview:
It's the process that converts interview recordings into text MS Word and PDF formats. This is known as transcription of interviews. The process of trancribing various kinds of interviews into easy-to-read words, transcription services for interview are employed.

In the end, I would like to point out that transcription is an important option that is extremely beneficial in today's competitive marketplace. Over and above, different transcription services can be helpful to expand your businesses to compete in the global marketplace.