Errors like QuickBooks Payroll Error 9000 can be caused by the payroll system in a company. This happens when there is an error that was not processed and the transactions were stuck in limbo. This can happen because the error has affected all of the transactions or it only affects one. If you have several transactions in limbo, it's best to initiate a manual fix.QuickBooks Payroll Error 9000 is the message that displays when payroll entries are attempted. It's one of the most common errors that happen with QuickBooks. In general, this error means that there's a problem with the way the payroll files were saved or you may have run out of disk space on your computer.QuickBooks payroll error 9000 was reported. The error is triggered when an employee has a pay period end date that falls on one of the company's affected holidays. When this happens, payroll can not be processed for that week and QuickBooks will show the employee's hours as zero for their pay period. Contact MyOnePro team for fixing QuickBooks Error 9000 .