The South Ural State Medical University is accredited by the WHO and UNESCO, thus ensuring the highest quality of higher education in theoretical subjects, research, and development. The Ural State University has also been added to the list of the best higher education institutions in the Commonwealth of Independent States.

The university was granted the status of Ural State Medical Academy in 1995. The Ural State Medical Academy was granted university status in 2013 and renamed the Ural State Medical University.

Why study MBBS at Ural State University?

Below are some of the benefits of studying MBBS at Ural State Medical University:

The University offers courses in full English medium education.

The university offers good medical training as it focuses more on practical knowledge than theoretical knowledge.

The cost of education at this university is low.

The cost of living at this university is low as the exchange rate of the ruble is almost the same as the Indian rupee.

The university campus is rocking-free.

The campus of the University is friendly and the environment is good and healthy for Indian students due to the India-Russia friendship.

The university has a mess serving Indian food. Indian food is also available at the restaurant, which is served by Indian chefs.

The university offers NMC training to students.

There are 5 hostels for students. Special measures have been taken for the high security of the university campus and hostel and for the safety of the girl child.

The university offers internships to students. Visiting lecturers come from all over the world to teach the medical students of this university.