Here are some of the best cat games you can find online.
1. Nintendogs + Cats
Nintendogs + Cats is a decade-old 3DS launch title, but it's still one of the best cat games ever made. With 3D enabled, you'll feel like you're peering through a tiny window into the worlds of the three kitten breeds (standard, oriental, and longhair) that you can play with. You can't teach the cats tricks or take them out on the town like you can with puppies, but they'll sneak off and bring you gifts from time to time to show you how much they care. There aren't any gift options that include dead birds or mice, but every once in a while, a little realism can be sacrificed for the sake of fun.

2. Catlateral Damage
You're going to want to start knocking things off the table if you want to play as a cat. As you explore procedurally generated environments, searching for the most breakable items, Catlateral Damage is all about doing just that. A rare occasion will present itself where you can chase and catch a mouse or something like that, but ultimately it is all about the sweet destructive satisfaction. To get the most out of Catlateral Damage, play it in virtual reality with full-motion controls and immerse yourself in the asshole cat experience.

a robot named Gato
Samus Aran as a cat would still be able to do a lot of the same things. In this case, you would be playing Gato Roboto, a retro sidescroller that combines Metroid-style action with stylishly lo-fi pixel art and music. It's up to Kiki, the ship's intrepid cat, to keep her human's mission on track by hiding out in a suit of power armor and blasting her way through dangerous caverns - but she'll also have to emerge from her hiding place from time to time to take advantage of her feline agility and smaller stature. For those moments when you feel like you could use a little more cat action in your life, look no further than Gato Roboto.

4. Blacksad: Under the Skin
Basically, this noir-inspired detective adventure game is like The Wolf Among Us, but with all of the characters being animals instead of human beings. This is one of the most challenging cases in John Blacksad's career as a private investigator, World War II veteran and big muscular catman. You don't have to be familiar with the rest of the Blacksad comic to enjoy this game; you just have to be ready for a hardboiled detective story, which is where his story fits in perfectly. There are a few kinks in the way the world moves and the clues you find in Blacksad: Under the Skin, but the reactive story (with six possible endings based on your choices) makes the game worth playing for cat lovers of all stripes.

5. Trap The Cat
There is a board with ticked boxes, and a cat inside, in Trap the Cat. To win, you must keep it locked up and not let it out. This game can be won by a combination of quickness and strategy. Trap the cat, that's what you need to do. You don't want to let the cat out of your sight.

In the course of a single day, trap the cat attracts a significant number of players. The gameplay is simple, but you'll need to know a few tricks if you want to succeed. To keep it from leaving, you must click repeatedly on the panel to keep it from moving.