ProsperityFX (Prosperity4X) Review 2022

ProsperityFX (Prosperity4X) is a conservative broker that provides classic services of access to international financial markets for professional traders. The emphasis is on professional trading. Trading conditions are designed in such a way that they will be unprofitable for novice traders with a turnover of 1-2 lots per month. In return, ProsperityFX guarantees a spread without fundamental expansion and a high order execution speed.To get more news about traderschoice net, you can visit official website.

I like the account management system here whenever I connect to copying signals from the MetaQuotes service.
1. Fast, instant copying of orders without freezing. I have the investor password of the traders I copy, so I can easily compare their opening quotes and my own. Even making allowance for small differences in brokerage quotes by 2-5 pips, there are no complaints about ProsperityFX.
2. Convenient system for switching between several accounts in the personal cabinet. In a few clicks, without constantly entering passwords, a convenient display of statistics for several accounts is available.
3. No liquidity problems. There were even funny situations: the trader I copy has slippage and delay due to requotes. And I have an average slippage level set in MT4 without a repeated broker request. And on volatility, I manage to close the trade manually before the trader.
The broker is “no-frills”. There are no special tools here. But it is suitable for regular trading.
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The policy of ProsperityFX is: "Our deeds and achievements speak for themselves." The broker does not have a license from any regulator, but the site is constantly updated, the FAQs section mentions that the broker's team is working on its legal documents which, when finalized, will allow it to obtain licenses from several regulators. On the broker's website, there is no information about where its offices are located, but serious-minded traders will find a reference of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines in the Terms & Conditions. By the way, the United States is not among the list of countries in which the broker works.

Trading conditions. Everything is very secretive here as well. ProsperityFX discloses information only to those who are eager to open an account and make trades. From the general conditions on the site, only spreads for several types of accounts and fixed commissions are indicated. They are high, which is a filter to keep out beginners who often leave after only a few opening trades. The broker is aimed at professional traders who will consistently open trades. Therefore, there are no training materials here. But the support responds quickly, clearly, and competently.

There are no commissions for withdrawing money or any restrictions. But the list of affiliates includes only bank payment systems and BTC. This is partly a plus - traders working through wallets rarely pay tax. This does not work with banks. Therefore, this is an indicator of the seriousness of the broker and the transparency of its work. In general, the broker makes a positive impression, but the trading conditions for novice traders with small trading volumes are not favorable.