With over 9,800 cryptocurrencies currently on the market, investing in crypto is just as challenging as climbing Mount Everest. Despite things getting more complex, the interest in crypto will continue to grow in the coming months. Whether you are a seasoned financier or a novice in the crypto universe, we are happy to give you a comprehensive line-up of the best tokens to invest in for 2022.To get more news about prosperity fx, you can visit wikifx.com official website.

The crypto leaderboard is constantly shifting, and it’s not the best idea to buy and sell crypto for a short-term financial boost. Cryptos are volatile and need to be monitored, so the best approach is to stack up on info and invest cleverly with a long-term plan. Without further ado, let’s move on with the list of the best cryptocurrencies to invest in this year.
We’ve compiled a short, to-the-point list of the best investment suggestions to save you time and money. Knowing it’s not easy to find the most promising cryptos to invest in, we believe it’s better to narrow down the choice and focus on the most advantageous options.

TIKKA is geared towards the global investor – but not the type rolling in money. The company behind the TIKKA token, Cube Wealth, recognised many problems and deficiencies of the financial world. The idea to form the company and embark on a journey in the fintech industry came from the vision to provide for the middle class.

After selling Citrus Pay to PayU in 2016, the entrepreneur and Stanford alum Satyen Kothari founded Cube Wealth. The company is now one of India’s top ten wealth tech companies. Aiming to automate the process of investing, Cube released the TIKKA token.

It is a WAT built on Polygon that saves time while curating quality emerging assets, from web3 tokens to NFTs to assets in the metaverse.

TIKKA is a utility token built on Ethereum-based ERC-20 standards. It is hosted on the Polygon mainnet, ensuring lower transaction fees, interoperability with other blockchain networks and a PoS security layer. Polygon is a thriving ecosystem for TIKKA, more sustainable and unsusceptible to Ethereum’s scalability problems.
As the best crypto to invest in for 2022, TIKKA has numerous benefits. Once you become a TIKKA holder, you can look forward to accessing the best global investment opportunities. Establishing personal wealth is a demanding task influenced by the lack of time and discipline. TIKKA offers automation that can help with both these disruptive factors.

Aside from primary advantages, TIKKA can also bring you passive profits. Airdrops and referral incentives are in play, meaning you can earn special rewards based on the percentage of your deposits. You can read about the latest TIKKA token airdrop on Twitter.

With TIKKA “in your pocket”, you gain access to the TIKKA marketplace. It’s where you can grab quality emerging assets and unlock software features that save time. You can also follow premium advisors and enjoy the same privileges as ultra-high net worth individuals exploiting top-quality investment advisory.

The token offers multiple usage options, from curated crypto investments to emerging asset categories. According to its roadmap, the TIKKA token will give its holders access to AI-based investing personas. It is marketed as a time-saving feature that will facilitate building personalised portfolios according to personal preferences. Furthermore, the TIKKA AI-based automated investing personas will mirror trades made by top-notch investors without burdening the users with in-depth strategies.
Are you still wondering why you should invest in TIKKA tokens? Cube believes there should be no more subpar options and advice for regular investors. It is time to open the gates of wealth to people who struggle to invest while the ultra-rich are getting all the top-notch investment advice and support.

The opportunity is there, and TIKKA offers the solution. If you wish to enter the global wealth management market projected to reach $3.43 trillion by 2030, keep your eye on TIKKA. The token celebrated more than 50,000 followers on Telegram in April 2022, and the hype is just getting started.