Calculus is a branch of mathematics that deals with changes, both incremental and decremental changes. The concept of calculus is useful in many fields. However, it is among those concepts of mathematics that make students go through some hard times. Understanding calculus requires a clear vision, practice, and most importantly, proper guidance. All these could be possible only with the help of a pre calculus tutor. A calculus tutor can help students overcome all the difficulties related to calculus. If you are eager to know what makes calculus difficult, read the following:

1. Calculus includes integration and differential. Both the concepts are similar as well as varied in many ways. Some even consider integration as the opposite of differentiation. So, while solving questions, students often get confused about what to do next. For example, they use the concepts of integral in differential questions and vice versa. As a result, it could impact their scores. But a tutor can help students to clear the confusion. Hence, a tutor can guide students in the best possible way.

2. Another difficulty that students often face during learning calculus is the exception cases. During the introductory part, there are cases where certain functions, constants, etc., could not be integrated or differentiated. But after using twisted methods, integration and differentiation become possible. These exceptions seem quite complex from a student's perspective. Hence, the assistance of a calculus tutor becomes essential here.

3. Many students could not learn formulas, properties, etc., as it is. On the other hand, there are many formulas and properties for integration and differentiation. However, if students could understand how that property and formula were derived, it could become easier for them. So, with the help of a calculus tutor, one can understand complete derivation and solve the questions easily.

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