Online transcription services are available in a variety of models, offering services that vary in turnaround times and pricing, as well as the quality of service and customer support. In this article , we'll review the most popular types of online transcription. We hope that this tiny but important piece of writing can assist anyone trying to get their audio recorded and ensure that a great transcription is in their hands! interview transcription services

Different kinds of online transcription Services

In the transcription online world, there are numerous choices that every business has to offer It is recommended to think about these elements when you purchase online transcription. Although there's a broad selection of transcription firms however, they all fall into one of the following categories.

Web-based Crowd-Sourced Transcription Services

Online transcription services that are crowdsourced are becoming quite popular in recent years! The service involves your audio being uploaded to the open for crowdsourced transcriptionists to transscribe. In short the transcription companies are able to vastly reduce their expenses by cutting your audio into tiny fragments (usually between 1 and 5 minutes) and then passing it on across multiple individuals to be transcribed. After each person has completed their portion of the transcription, a computer will take the fragments of audio to piece it back into pieces and gives the transcript over to the transcription company. This is a sophisticated program and an efficient method to transcribing massive quantities of information, but the client loses confidentiality and quality.

1. Your audio is available to the public and anyone can listen (anyone is able to, and everyone is able to - as many transcribers must verify that they are able to complete the task by listening to the audio)
2. The transcribers typically have different styles, meaning that punctuation, spelling , grammar and so on. is different between sections of the same transcription

3. You're not aware of whom your transcribers belong to! For instance, typically, the transcribers aren't required native English speakers. These issues can be avoided with the right training and experience, however eventually, the language barrier will become apparent in the final transcription

4. There isn't any confidentiality agreement by transcribers with respect to the audio file or s

5. Sometimes, turnaround times could be several months , which is okay as it is that you are aware of this at the beginning

Outsourced Transcription Services

In this type of model the transcription company could be a single person who is a company or company . When they receive an request that you have placed with them, they send it to an outsourcing firm (in India, the Philippines or an other country) to finish. It's not a problem These services may provide an acceptable level of quality transcripts that are very basic audio (without background noise or multiple speakers technical terms, and etc.). BUT! They're unable to provide any kind of quality for more difficult audio. The tests my colleagues along with me conducted (which I'm not going to post here, but you'll have to trust me for it) the transcripts we received from some of these companies that outsource didn't even come close to matching the audio. The companies that outsource try to produce high-quality transcripts, however the fact that they don't have English as their primary language isn't an option to deliver transcripts with 98% accuracy or better. A few problems with online transcription firms:

1. Audio is not easy = poor quality transcriptions

2. Inconsistently difficult to remember names technical terms, names, anything that requires research, etc.

3. In general, poor customer assistance and service. The company that takes your money is not actually the company that is actually producing the transcripts. The customer is posing questions to a person that isn't really transcribing the material. What's the result? The result? Confusion, irritation and time-wasting.

In-house transcription

In-house transcription services typically offer professional transcription services because they are usually run by native English users. Be aware that it's difficult to determine if they're in-house unless you try their services (some companies simply state that they're in-house). They often face issues dealing with huge amounts of audio, and charge more for their services and clients must frequently book in advance by using a queueing system or similar methods. Problems: