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  • How to play pizza game
        Pizza game is a general term for video games that involve making or selling pizza. There are different types of game pizza, but some of the most popular are:   Pizza survival horror genre games, like Five Nights at Freddy's, in which you must protect yourself from evil robots in a fictional pizza tower.   Pizza game restaurant management genre, like Papa's...
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  • How to play Retro Bowl game
    Retro Bowl is an American-style football game designed and developed by New Star Games to honor the love and loyalty of all football fans, the king of all athletic sports, worldwide. You might be curious about the game title and raise the question: What does Retro Bowl mean? In fact, retro refers to visuals and gameplay from the past. In the American Rugby community, "bowl" refers to the most...
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  • rugby simulation game
    Retro Bowl is a game that seems complicated at first steps, but once you get used to it, it can get you hooked. The game simulates the famous rugby game. When you play, you will play as a coach and his keeper. Have the right to manage assets and arrange the team to play. That's so great. Visit our website to try it out, it's free and no download required
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