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  • smartboards for business
    Touch screen products may be in use by many different noise 86 smart board sources of interference, contains both internal noise also contains external noise. The charger and noise of the display is today's two common problems. As the charging equipment on the market is becoming more and more frivolous, noise is more and more big, the challenge will only become more difficult to...
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  • 75 smart board 
    Touch screen generally use a serial port for signal transmission, from the PS / 2 port signal, and TPS screen from the host power directly. If the light is not bright, don't take to the signal, PS / 2 line in the control box may be broken. If the light is on, but still not flash, explain the control box is broken, so we have to change the control box. If change the control box or not, is likely...
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  • touch screen whiteboard 
    Now you may find that in many public a everyone will use computer touch screen board classroom input device, this is to allow the user to directly manipulate the screen with your fingers computer, the computer is people often talked about touch screen. Touch screen not only apply to China's state of the multimedia information query, and touch screen has a strong and durable, fast...
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  • interactive panels for education 
    Touch screen notebook advantagesA, more simple and convenient operationWith a touch screen laptop from operation is undoubtedly better interactive panels for education than a traditional laptop, users can simply click on the computer screen is complete opening and closing of the program, and also only fingers gently slip when browsing the web.Second, can replace the mouse and...
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  • classroom interactive whiteboard
    How to clean the dust and stains, and this is consumer smartboards in classrooms attention. Before cleaning touch screen, make sure turning off the power of the product, and unplug the power cord or batteries. Then put electronic products to the natural light a better place. In addition, choose an appropriate tool and is particularly important, we used to wipe the touch screen is soft...
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  • electronic board for classroom
    When we use a mobile phone display, car display, home appliances smart board interactive whiteboard and other equipment, is sometimes feel like screen has a one line in the scroll up and down? Sometimes think that the screen flashing? Yes, this is an interactive electronic whiteboard splash screen phenomenon. Let's splash screen from interactive electronic whiteboard reason, principle...
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