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  • Silver Travertine Slabs 
    Natural marble, was born in nature, in nature, like nature flowers Slate Wall Panel and plants trees, and the human living environment can be very good fusion, excluding may affect human body health of radioactive materials. For many years due to some unfair competition (marble competitors) and mislead public opinion, society with marble radioactive rumors, but China stone association...
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  • Agate Slabs For Sale 
    Garden floor is to use floor in the garden. Garden floor content Calacatta Quartz Slab diversity, lively form, and pure and fresh and elegant style, adapted to the atmosphere of the garden. Garden floor material with stone brick, stone, pebble, a whole brick, brick, material color is diverse, red, green, blue, white, black, etc.Waterproof material with its excellent protection...
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  • Marble Projects 
    The face of the sitting room is house, and setting wall is Marble Granite Price the face of the most important position, a good background determines the grade of owner household decorates wall, is a very important step. Such as marble, natural, beautiful, green pollution-free advantages, loved by the people. Setting wall of marble style diversity, beautiful atmosphere, is the most...
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  • Grey Marble Slab
    Along with the development of national economy, national Pietra Gray Marble income continuously improve, people's life quality requirements are constantly improve, especially in the area of the sitting room background wall, a lot of high-end places, villas are used as background marble wall to improve the whole decorate class. In recent years, european-style stone setting wall is...
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  • Granite Slab Supplier 
    Ceramic tileFloor tile is one of the main floor material, its characteristic Artificial Marble Slabs is: heat resistant, wear resistant, acid and alkali resistance, no water seepage, easy to clean, bibulous rate is small, color design, adornment effect is good. But the hardness of ceramic tile is bigger, comfort is not enough, the foot feels bad; Fragile, loss is bigger; Containing...
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  • grey marble slab 
    Stone material hardness with mohs hardness as the calculating white marble slabs unit, mohs hardness in 6 to 7 belongs to hard stone, granite, for example, mohs hardness in 3-5 belongs to hard stone, marble, for example, mohs hardness in 1 or 2 as the soft stone, such as limestone and dolomite.Big li shi: because marble is general contains impurities, and calcium carbonate by carbon...
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