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  •  touch screen kiosk 
    To sum up, compared with the traditional projection, meeting digital whiteboard price flat-panel display more clearly, strong interactive ability, operating more simple, more for remote office, conference scene, combined with an integrative design, reduced the number of conference equipment, can effectively save room space.Several important parameters of meeting tablet of choose and...
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  • smart interactive whiteboard 
    Traditional projector screen projection to the curtain or white smart whiteboard price metope, under the condition of strong light watch will have a layer of white fog feeling, need to draw the curtains for you in the dark environment to achieve good viewing effect and experience, have higher request for the light brightness. Is particularly awkward, if will appear when people stand...
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  • interactive whiteboard prices 
    In the increasingly fierce competition in the market economic thermal imaging camera environment, institutions, organizations such as enterprises pay more attention to work efficiency and to promote the efficiency of operations, transform and upgrade to promote enterprise better, many enterprises and institutions of the meeting room were bought smart meeting tablet, become the...
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  • facial recognization camera 
    Is more, the meeting tablet on the market brand class is diversiform, price also varies from several thousand to tens of, but this will result in meeting the function of the all-in-one and experience the difference is very big?The reality is that thousands of pieces of the tablet on the face recognition identification kiosk market meeting machine only entry-level, only simple screen...
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  •  face recognition identification 
    From the main menu to enter the brush to choose, there will be some facial recognition thermometer brush: ordinary pen, fluorescent pen, writing brush, combination brush pen. In addition to the fluorescent pen, you can choose according to his be fond of, and then set the color, thickness, etc. Unlike the first three, fluorescent pen is a translucent pen, usually used to comment on....
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  • touch screen digital signage 
    Assembly of the intelligent interactive whiteboard tool is mainly Interactive digital signage used to screw box feet hammer and wrench. When all the tools and raw materials in order to put on the workbench, the order of assembly operation began. Second, shell according to the process CARDS to be put on the workbench, such as assembly fixtures, according to the request of tooling, pay...
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