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  • faux grass wall 
    Simulation peach tree is technical personnel according large palm trees for sale to the ecological peach tree as a mold, the simulation of environmental protection material produced by cloning simulation peach blossom tree, can only be used to make up for the peach blossom tree area limits of ornamental and affected by many natural factors.Along with the advance of technology, the...
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  • outdoor palm trees
    Chinese landscape garden is a kind of natural landscape garden, silk cherry blossom tree pursue natural interest is China the basic characteristics of landscape gardens. Made in landscape garden, rockery stone is listed as the first element of landscape. Due to space limitations of private gardens, which requires the landscape, make full use of space to create near mountain forest...
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  • fake blossom tree
    In the living environment of today, there are more and cherry blossom wedding centerpiece more simulation tree house came in. When we walk in the park or commercial plaza, often see some of the large banyan tree closely combining with the current theme. Start we might think this is a real big banyan tree, but when we are closer observation found that the big banyan tree stem is false,...
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  • artificial cherry blossom trees for weddings
    Along with the development of the technology in recent years, outdoor ficus tree the simulation of the cherry trees, broke the monotony of the situation, it can be not affected by time. Seasonal and regional influence, all the year round can see it, because it don't have to wait, don't have to run to far away places to see the cherry blossoms, put the cherry trees in indoor can...
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  • large ficus tree 
    Simulation tree stems from the nature, the person's experience, artificial banyan trees carefully crafted, and higher than the natural, is to beautify the natural environment, pleasures, enhance the function of forest landscape theme garden. The simulation tree is a concentration of landscape painting, make the person in the hustle and bustle of the city, feel the beauty of nature and...
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  • silk ficus tree 
    In today's urban environments, there are many simulation tree outdoor ficus tree in the rendering of the view of the environment, the simulation tree not only improves the view of the environment, also satisfy people's appreciation. The simulation tree is part of the urban landscape, landscape has become the public environment. It represents the city a detail, a business card, the...
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